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Know the 4 C's

Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight.

Learn them from someone who has been in the diamond business for 40 years and loves to teach. A visit to my home office or a personal phone consultation and you'll know all you need to know to make an informed decision. Then, and only then, will we search a worldwide inventory of GIA certified diamonds to find the perfect diamond for you.

Hearts and Arrows

The visual proof of ideal symetry

As a member of RAPNET, the world's largest global diamond trading network, I have an inventory if more than 1.5 million GIA certified diamonds at my fingertips. Any size, any quality at incredible prices. Now you buy a diamond on-line from a jeweler you can trust.

The world's most beautiful diamonds are those cut to perfection. The amount of light returned to the eye determines a diamonds sparkle and beauty. Only those diamonds cut to ideal proportion and ideal symmetry will assure you of the most gorgeous diamonds you'll ever see. Come and see the world's most beautiful diamond;
 the Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut Diamond, at "Direct From The Cutter" prices.