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Remount your center diamond, while using your own diamonds from that cocktail ring from the 80's,  and create a new, modern style piece.

Because the smaller diamonds were two different sizes, this would not have been possible without the ability to design the "halo" using CAD technology.

Want to remove the 2 curved bands and make one? No problem with computer technology. Best of all, you'll see the computer rendering BEFORE your ring is made. 

Changes can easily be made by a click of the mouse.

Grandpa's old signet, a diamond ring from his wife and his original wedding band. Deeply sentimental but never wore them. We designed a new ring using CAD, melted his gold and soldered his original cluster to create a new wedding band that he proudly wears knowing the sentiment has been retained.  

CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Computer technology allows us to create any design possible with incredible precision.

Turn this



Take those little diamonds you have sitting in the drawer and make something new. This was a small diamond from her mom's engagement ring and diamonds that were removed from a ring she had. We made this for her daughter who will cherish it for many years. A simple pendant made with  grandma's and mom's diamonds. Because her diamonds were all different sizes we would never have found a mounting to accommodate her stones. But, with CAD, anything is possible.