One of the beautiful things about the internet for me, is that my major manufacturer has built a very consumer friendly website that shows all of their styles, with prices and availability. This gives you an incredible selection of quality mountings of great value. Any mounting that they show in stock is at my door the next day, for us both to look at, with absolutely no obligation. Now, instead of you having to choose between mountings in a store, of their buyers taste, you become the buyer.

As a member of RAPNET I have over 1.5 million diamonds available to me from

diamond manufacturers all over the world, with no commissions, fees or middlemen.

It's a whole new world out there and shopping for an engagement ring has never been easier, or beneficial to you, the buyer. What used to be a grueling process of going from place to place to find the perfect ring, has become a matter of sitting at your computer and browsing the internet, searching through 1000's of options.

An engagement ring consists of the special mounting of your choice, plus a center stone, typically a diamond, of course. Both are equally important but, the diamond you choose is difficult for many people. The cut, color, clarity and size are all choices you will have to make. A perfect balance of quality in a beautifully cut diamond will ensure the utmost enjoyment of your diamond for many generations.

The largest global diamond trading network in the world

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